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Jebao Battery Back-Up

Jebao Battery Back-Up

$ 99.97

The Jebao battery backup system is a DC battery that will power your CoralBox or Jebao/Jecod wavemakers and return pumps in the event of a power outage. One battery backup will power a QP-5 for up to 48 hours, a QP-9 for up to 24 hours, or a QP-16 for up to 18 hours. They can also be daisy chained for more run time or more pumps.

The batteries are continually charged while the power is on, and if the power is out, the battery will automatically switch on and power the pumps until power is restored.

Note: To use this battery with the Jecod DCT/DCS pumps the Aqualink T1 controller is required. They are compatible with the CoralBox QP pumps out of the box, no additional equipment needed.

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