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Frag Freaks Picture Rack

Frag Freaks Picture Rack

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Everyone knows a good way to keep your love for the hobby alive is to frag and sell your own coral to generate a little cash flow to support monthly costs of your tank. However, it’s not always easy to take pictures of your coral or really try and replicate what look like to the eye opposed to what you see in the picture. A quality picture can really make a difference in making a sale or not.

The Picture Rack mounts to the glass like any other frag rack utilizing magnets and house spots for frags that you want to take pictures of. In the background would be a solid black back drop to isolate your corals from the rest of the tank. The outcome was better than we imagined, we could now easily take pictures of our frags while providing focus on the frags without a fancy setup or relocating the frag to a special picture taking station.

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