LumenBar 48"

LumenBar 48"


LumenBar Color by ReefBreeders


Every LumenBar Color is IP65 water-resistant, and has an ultra-thin 1″ width and height. The LEDs are all 3watt Epistar chips run at a lower wattage for optimal efficiency. These are the perfect add-on for any T5 system, and they easily integrate with ReefBreeder Photon V2+ lights. The LumenBar Color can even be used independently to light a reef tank, planted tank, or refugium depending on the color you choose! We personally use these lights in conjuction with our T5 setups and they provide the perfect color pop


HO (High Octane) UV – Mix of 420nm and 405nm violet, and 380nm UV- guaranteed to make your SPS corals happy

Reefer 14K– Optimal mix of white and colored LEDs with a 14,000K output

Royal Ice – 50/50 480nm Cool Blue and 450nm Royal Blue- perfect for adding some color POP


The LumenBar Color 48″ Measures 120cm, or 47.25″ in total length. The LumenBar 48″ is equivalent to a 48″ 54watt T-5HO Bulb in output, with significantly less heat, bulk, and power draw- and no bulb changes, of course!